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Community Events

Every Sunday Dharma Assembly (Buddhist Chanting, recitation, short meditation)

Chan Buddhist Meditation at Lu Mountain Temple

Every Sunday Dharma Assembly (Chanting, Amitabha sutra chanting, walking and sitting recitation, sitting meditation) + Dharma talk + FREE Vegetarian Lunch + Sutra Lecture  • 8:00 - 9:20 AM Dharma assembly (9:05-9:20AM Sitting meditation)•...

Local Sunday Meetup

Whittier Board Gamers

Hello everyone!  I created this Meetup to bring people together to have a good time with others of similar interests. I've met a lot of great people though similar groups, and would love all of you to have a similar experience.  If you would...

It's That Time Again ~ Let The Healing Begin ♥

"Ignite The Healer Within"

Reiki is a healing technique where Universal Life Force Energy is shared through hands-on treatment.  It helps remove the mind, body and spirit’s energetic blocks while promoting wellness and harmony within and throughout your life.  During...