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    Wendy'sCon 3!

    SoCal Bronies

    Announcements Holy Moly! It's a good thing I printed 30 con-booklets to be safe. What the hay is this all about? Hello everypony! Crimson Locks invites you to re-create a classic convention experience during one fun-filled evening! Over the...

    The Masters of Harmony - International Champions

    Masters of Harmony

    HERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE FOR US - Who are you? – We’re The Masters of Harmony, an eight time International gold medal chorus. How many singers attend each week? – 100 to 130. What do you sing? – Everything from Bach to...

    Downey Coed Summer team game night

    San Gabriel Valley Coed Softball

    Downey team's Summer season game night. RSVP for the wait list in case you'd like to sub. We'll contact you to confirm if we can use you. vs. Play Hard Work Hard, we are visitors