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Lunar New Year Exhibit: Buddhist relics (shariras)

Chan Buddhist Meditation at Lu Mountain Temple

Lunar New Year Exhibit The collection’s newest acquisitions, relics of the Burning Lamp Buddha and Kassapa Buddha, will be on display. The very sacred teeth and finger bone of the Buddha will also be exhibited. All are welcome to experience...

How to Become the Bank and Collect "Mailbox Money" Webinar

Real Estate Investing-Free Education & Mentoring (LA County)

~ FREE EVENT ~ Ever thought about becoming the bank as opposed to simply depositing your money with them?  If the answer is yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  The fact is, the majority of us were taught that banks and other financial...

Yoga Inside

Yoga Outside – Whittier and Beyond

Easy gentle class, bring a yoga mat and you. $5 donation. Come Jon us. (It is not a church sponsored class)