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Chan Meditation Retreat [5 weeks]

Chan Buddhist Meditation

Dec 20, 2014 - Jan 24, 2015 This retreat will take place at Lu Mountain Temple in Rosemead, and is offered on a donation basis. The daily schedule includes fourteen one-hour periods of sitting meditation, which alternate with 20 minute walking...

Lets Ride To Mary"s Market!!!!!

Claremont Cycling Club (CCC)

CCC  Saturday  50 mile bike  ride, Pico Rivera  Municipal Golf Club ROLLING AT 7:00am  (SHARP!) This fall we are going to to ride 2 river beds and ride through San Gabriel River Bed  through Rio Hondo to Santa Fe Dam and to Mary Market. ....

Treat Yourself To Some Energy Balancing During The Busy Holiday Season!

"Ignite The Healer Within"

Reiki is a healing technique where Universal Life Force Energy is shared through hands-on treatment.  It helps remove the mind, body and spirit’s energetic blocks while promoting wellness and harmony within and throughout your life.  During...